Make Space For Kittens

In a world where space is limited the brave kittennauts are looking for a new home. They have found a planet that would be a magnificent place to call home but unfortunately there isn't enough space for everyone. Sacrifices must be made, which means the kittens need to merge or die ... Use your left and right arrows to save as much kittens as possible before they meet their dark fate.

Brought to you by a Team

Created by four people like the programmers Meelis Perli, Raigo Kõvask, Paul Liibert and artist Daniel Nael, Spacy Kits is a one of a kind casual strategy game.


Download 25 MB

Install instructions

1. Extract file.

2. Open SpacyKits folder.

3. Run Spacy Kits.exe 

4. Enjoy! :)

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Really neat game

Thanks! :)


Neat little timewaster, I enjoyed it.


That's awesome! Thanks! :)


I'm not sure I totally got what was going on with the arrow kittens but, it was a fun game with great art. If you want you can play my and Mr.FluffyFoley's game here:

Thank you! :) Certainly will check out your game. These arrow kittens move the kittens on the planet to left or right. :)